How to Log Your Hours

Greek Tracks and Pictures

Greek Tracks

Step 1: Login to Greek Tracks.
Step 2: Go to Records -> Scroll down to Service Hours
Step 3: Click External Event -> Fill out all fields
Step 4: To submit hours click -> Add Record
Step 5: Submit your pictures of service to google form
Note:When inserting Service Hours please only use increments of fifteen minutes.

How times should be inserted
30 min: 0.5
1 hour: 1.0

For example: If you did a total of one hour thirty minutes of service it should be recorded as 1.5 and not 1.3.

Google Albums

With the use of a non-UT affiliated email, you will receive a Google album at the beginning of the semester. This will be shared with the Pi Service email. Here you can submit photo proof of non-KDChi planned service events.

Step 1: Open your album

Step 2: Click add photos

Step 3: Select photo or drag photo form desktop to add

Step 4: Submit/Press done

Contact Us

If you have any questions please reach out to me through Email, Slack, or shoot me a text!

Email me at:

Phone Number: (713) 816 1319

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